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Bought 2011 Toyota Camry from Oxmoor Toyota in April 2010. Car immediately made loud springing sound after each startup.

Oxmoor Service Manager Eric Bates drove car and said it was the "loudest sound he had ever heard" from the ABS pre-check system. He said it was clearly defective. But he could not spend the $1,000 to fix it under the warranty because Toyota would not authorize the work. Toyota Corp.

recognizes the problem, but won't fix it at this time, apparently because it has spent so much on recent recalls and bad publicity.

I have to warm people who get in my car new $25,000 car the first time so they are not frightened by the sudden noise. What has happened to the once-mighty Toyota?

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I also have a 2011 Camry that makes this noise,it is far from loud in fact it is just a small click at 7mph one time after the car is started (FAR FROM A LOUD NOISE).Its sounds like you are just mad at Toyota, if you just call them they will tell you they are considering making a software change so it happens closer to a shift point so you dont notice it.

to David Smith Louisville, Kentucky, United States #684008

25K should buy you a car that does not make noise and give your passengers alarm, its not typical of Toyota to have such problems but I have heard of others having similar problem with Nissan maxima and the Honda crv, just stay on it and write hard copy letters to Toyota and to the consumer protection division in your state or lemon law arbitrator.

next time consider a Highlander, they have the least number of mechanical and electrical problems but they are not as cushy a ride as camry or Avalon, just reliable and run till the wheels have to be replaced


Camry's are built in America...that should explain why it's a piece of ***

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