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Oxmoor Toyota, while they might have new management, still cannot admitt that they are a dishonest dealership. Please do not insult me by trying to perceive me as a crazy nut. I am very well aware of how badly you treated me. The lies, the bait and switch, and the unwillingness to void the sale (before paperwork was complete) truly speak for how much you do not care about your customers.

I do not appreciate the lies about me you have posted on the internet. You, sir, were not there....I had a co-worker with me the 3rd day I returned...and I assure you, we were told the sale was final and to leave. I was never offered an oportunity to speak to the general manager, or even knew you had a mediator on site!I NEVER stated, or implied, I was an attorney....your information is clearly inccorect!

The salesman quoted me $13,5. If I want to pay tax, title & fees with my down is the price close to $15??? I did NOT want gap protection (my insurance coverage is good enough) AND your old finance person did not listen regarding my wishes (he was too busy talking on his cell about a party).

You should be held accountable for not holding true to the original deal made with the salesman on the floor....convienently, he was no where to be found. I hung around for several hours in the lobbby, never leavving the lot...I called...several times that day, the next....etc. NOTHING

Oxmoor did not have the time to apply for the title for the car they were selling me. The previous owner hadn't signed the rights to the title over until almost a month later.

I cannot understand the shady ways of this dealership & why they would not want to stand behind the deals they make. Don't they know you catch more bees w/honey than vinegar?

Believe me....word of mouth will blossom or kill your business these days

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